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NCC Publishes Report Benchmarking Ireland's Competitiveness with the UK

Date: 12 April 2017 

The unprecedented challenges posed by Brexit provide urgent impetus to pursue policies that enhance our competitiveness performance.

The National Competitiveness Council (NCC)  has today published a new report ‘Benchmarking Competitiveness: Ireland and the United Kingdom, 2017’ which considers Ireland’s international competitiveness relative to the UK. The report provides a statistical snapshot assessment of Ireland's current competitiveness performance across areas which are crucial to improving our international competitiveness position.

Launching the report, NCC Chair Professor Peter Clinch noted that “From a competitiveness perspective it is vital that the focus of policymakers is on areas which will enhance our potential to improve in the medium term. Brexit means Ireland needs to do more to prepare adequately to sustain the conditions of future growth. It means further competitiveness improvements are essential”.

The full report is available here

The Press Release is available here

A Competitiveness Bulletin summarising key facets of Ireland's performance, and setting key policy considerations for increasing productivity growth is available here