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    Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2014

    NCC Competitiveness Challenge 2014 cover
    Date:03 December 2014 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Annual Reports

    Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2014, which is produced under the Action Plan for Jobs 2014, outlines the National Competitiveness Council’s view of the main competitiveness issues confronting the business sector in Ireland over the medium term, and sets out a series of policy responses required to address these challenges. Building on their earlier benchmarking of Irish competitiveness, the Council focus on six major themes in the 2014 report: addressing cost competitiveness; broadening the tax base and investing in economic infrastructure; enhancing our skills base; developing our enterprise base; improving access to finance; and rebuilding the trust of citizens in the ability and willingness of public and private bodies in Ireland to adhere to the highest international standards.