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NCC Publishes Ireland's Competitiveness Challenge 2016

Date: 15 December 2016 

Our competitiveness in five and ten years will be determined by decisions taken today

The National Competitiveness Council (NCC) today has today published its Competitiveness Challenge 2016 report, outlining a range of actions designed to boost Ireland’s international competitiveness. This year’s report also includes the Council’s Submission to the Action Plan for Jobs (APJ) 2017.

At the launch, Prof Peter Clinch noted that “Many of the actions the Council is recommending are medium-term in nature and will not bear fruit for some time. But they are necessary to secure our future jobs, wages and the quality of our public services. We have learnt to our cost the results of failing to consider fully the future consequences of actions and lack of actions. We must not do that again. Courageous decisions taken today can secure a sustainable, prosperous future for the Irish people”.

The full report is available here.