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    Benchmarking Ireland's Productivity Performance 2004-2014

    NCC Benchmarking Irelands Productivity report January 17
    Date:01 February 2017 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Other Reports

    Benchmarking Ireland's Productivity Performance 2004-2014

    Productivity growth is a key driver of national competitiveness, as it enables firms based in Ireland to compete successfully in international markets by facilitating output to be produced in a more efficient and effective manner.

    The Council has published a report benchmarking Ireland’s recent productivity performance. Ireland’s labour productivity performance is strong in an international context. Increasing productivity across all sectors remains a significant challenge. Ireland can take advantage of a sizeable competitiveness opportunity if we can avoid the ‘productivity trap’ being experienced by many developed economies. Facilitating enterprise and start-ups, trade, access to finance, skills and infrastructure are key to productivity and competitiveness gains.

    The report is available to download here.