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    NCC Submission to the Future Jobs Initiative

    NCC submission to Future Jobs - image
    Date:19 December 2018 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Submissions

    The NCC’s submission to the Future Jobs Initiative

    The competitiveness of Ireland’s economy, and the firms within it, determine export performance, jobs and wage rates, incomes, the quality of public services, and our ability to improve the quality of life of people living in Ireland. The Future Jobs Initiative 2019 recognises the fundamental link between competitiveness, productivity, and job creation that are key to the sustainability of the Irish economic model.

    The Council believes that productivity and labour force participation are the principal determinants of competitiveness and welcomes the emphasis put on these key areas in the Future Jobs initiative 2019. Future Jobs initiative 2019 is a key mechanism for delivering on the Government’s response to the challenges facing the economy.

    Embedding competitiveness can only be achieved through dialogue between experts and Government, and engagement with firms and workers. This submission draws on the Council’s annual report Ireland’s Competitiveness Challenge 2018, which focuses on the main competitiveness challenges facing the business sector in Ireland over the medium term, and the policy responses required to address them.

    The NCC submission is here.