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    Cost of Doing Business 2019

    Cost of Doing Business 2019
    Date:12 April 2019 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Annual Reports

    As a small open economy in the euro area, maintaining an internationally competitive cost base is essential for the sustainability of Irish economic model. The costs of doing business in Ireland have a significant bearing on overall competitiveness of Ireland as it determines the Irish based firms’ ability to compete in international and domestic market. ‘The Cost of Doing Business in Ireland 2019’ report compares the costs faced by Irish based businesses relative to costs in key competitor jurisdictions using the latest available international data on range of indicators: labour costs; cost of credit; property costs; utility costs; transportation costs; and, consumer prices. The statistical evidence suggests that Ireland is maintaining a cost competitive position. The report describes the cost profile in Ireland as ‘high cost, slowly increasing’.


    The report is available to download here


    The accompanying press release is available to download here