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    Productivity Statement 2019

    Productivity Statement 2018 Cover
    Date:13 November 2019 
    Source: NCC
    Topics: Skills Productivity and Innovation

    In March 2018, the Government mandated the National Competitiveness Council as the body responsible for analysing developments and policies in the field of productivity and competitiveness in Ireland, in accordance with the European Council recommendation of September 2016 on the establishment of National Productivity Boards by Eurozone countries.

    In its role as Ireland’s National Productivity Board, the NCC produces an annual productivity statement to track the productivity performance of the Irish economy. Building on the main takeaways of the first edition in 2018, this NCC Productivity Statement 2019 includes an update on Irish productivity with a strategic focus on the performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the potential productivity spillovers from Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) to SMEs, highlighting related data and measurement issues of policy relevance.

    The National Competitiveness Council’s Productivity Statement 2019 is available here